The Ghana Legacy Honors is the celebration of the unique legacy of Ghana, embodied in the extraordinary achievements of people of Ghanaian descent around the globe. Those who, no matter where the winds and birds carried their seeds or the seeds of their parents, have made globally or locally reverberant contributions to the fields of medicine, art, entrepreneurship, technology, education, fashion, sports, politics, philanthropy, and more, all while remaining connected to and rooted in their Ghanaian identity. The Ghana Legacy Honors embraces and celebrates the achievements of Ghanaians, no matter what tribe they hail from, what party they belong to, or what continent they were born on.


It is precisely in the multicultural and interconnected world that we now live that it is most crucial that we embrace and celebrate our unique cultural identity and national legacy, lest it is swallowed and forgotten within the gaping maw of a featureless, flavorless global milieu. This, and a myriad other reasons, is why the Ghana Legacy Honors is an idea whose time has come. Now, more than ever, it is absolutely crucial that we both celebrate Ghanaians who have achieved great things, locally and globally, while paving the road for the future generation of great Ghanaians. By highlighting and celebrating the achievements of the past and present, the Ghana Legacy Honors will inspire the next generation of Ghana’s progeny to aspire to take up the baton and extend it into the next generation. The Ghana Legacy Honors, now itself only a seed of an idea,  will one day be the wandering wind and migrating bird, carrying seeds of inspiration and aspiration from the mother tree to uncharted lands and unplanted soils within the African diaspora and worldwide continent.


To bring a vital but enormous seed like the Ghana Legacy Honors to full fruition will require not only the vision and leadership of a few, but will also need the support, directly and indirectly, of the whole nation and its global diaspora. As an organic initiative independent of the government or any party, the Ghana Legacy Honors is financed through the direct sponsorship of citizens and corporations who share our vision and passion for celebrating the groundbreaking achievements of Ghanaians. This independent support will be vital in securing the future of the Ghana Legacy Honors and ensuring its integrity and continuing vitality.


Ghana, as it stands today, did not spring into existence, Athena-like, in full maturity. Rather, like the tree, it was planted, watered, and nurtured, from a sapling of a colony, into a stump of a republic, and finally into a giant oak that stands as a beacon of peace and democracy across the continent of Africa. It was born of a vision to build a nation that would be a wellspring of invocation, leadership, and hope for Africa and the pan-African diaspora around the world. This vision did not die with our our founding fathers, rather, like the seeds of the tree, it has been carried within the minds and hearts of the Ghanaian people.  No matter how far afield these seeds fell, no matter how cold the winters or how scorching the summers, no matter how verdant the springs or how auburn the autumns, the trees that sprouted from them were undisputedly and unmistakably the progeny of those who paved the way for Ghana to be the nation that it is today.  

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